marinco - Marine construction


We manufacture pipe components and prefabricated units that meet high requirements for industrial needs. Our core service includes demanding flame cutting, bending and welding of pipe products together or separately. The cost-efficiency and accuracy of our production process is based on our extensively automated production technology.

Applications include e.g. vessel, process and power plant piping, pump and blower pipes and tubular frames and structures. Production management automation and modern machinery guarantee the high quality of our products.

We have CNC controlled gas-fired and plasma-powered pipe cutting machines with diameter range
up to Ø 1200 mm.

Pipe bendings are performed by hydraulic CNC controlled bending machines. The maximum diameter is 220 mm and thickness 12,5 mm. Larger prefabricated piping products are manufactured from commercial components.

Handling devices such as turntables and turning rolls are extensively utilised in welding. Main welding methods are TIG-, MAG- and orbital welding.

The most common surface treatments are performed in Halikko, e.g. sandblasting, priming, painting, pickling and oiling. Hot dip galvanizing and especially demanding surface treatments are performed by a partner.

NDT (RT, MT, PT) and for other necessary inspections and testings we use accredited inspection and classification societies.